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Guess less, live more

insulin dosing just became easier, faster, and more accurate.

The problem with mealtime insulin dosing

Type 1 diabetes (T1D) affects 3 million Americans (including 200,000 youth) and 20 million worldwide (1-3).  Accurate mealtime insulin dosing is critical to blood glucose control but remains one of the greatest challenges to diabetes management.

The current mealtime insulin dosing system called ‘Carb Counting’ is flawed. (4-5)

Even with the most advanced diabetes technology including the closed loop Artificial Pancreas, mealtime insulin dosing remains a slow process of trial and error, and guesswork.

As a result, T1Ds are at risk for experiencing dangerous and costly high and low blood glucose levels after eating.

T1Ds experience low blood glucose levels at least 1-2x/week. (6)

70 percent of people with T1D maintain blood glucose levels higher than recommended. (1)

Diabetes related health complications from uncontrolled blood glucose levels account for the majority of the $14.4 billion dollar annual cost of T1D in the United States. (7)

On average, a person with T1D is projected to lose 13 years of life due to health complications related to the disease. (8)

At DugalHealth, founded by a T1D, we understand the weight of living with and managing T1D, and the unique challenges of mealtime insulin dosing.  That is why we created DugalDiabetes.


DugalDiabetes is the software application (app) that solves the problem of the antiquated carb counting system and makes mealtime insulin dosing easier and more accurate.

The app is designed for people with T1D as well as those that care for T1Ds.

DugalDiabetes facilitates the decision-making process of mealtime insulin dosing by enabling you to reflect on relevant meal experiences through our proprietary Mealtime Insulin Dosing Model (MIDM).

There is nothing in use today that facilitates mealtime insulin dosing like DugalDiabetes.

DugalDiabetes learns from you and your experience.  The more the app is used, the more specific the feedback becomes.  Like an interactive logbook using machine learning and real-time feedback, DugalDiabetes makes determining the appropriate mealtime insulin dose easier.  This lets you get back to enjoying your meal and living your life – without having to spend the rest of your day chasing undesirable highs and lows.


About Us

At DugalHealth, we strive to improve the lives of people living with type 1 diabetes. 

We are leveraging technology to relieve some of the disease burden by providing an affordable tool that all T1Ds can utilize – regardless of type of insulin therapy – to facilitate the decision-making process that is integral to T1D management.  We hope to become an indispensable resource for individuals with T1D, caregivers of those living with T1D, and their healthcare providers.


At DugalHealth, we work from five core principles:

  1. We believe that people with T1D know their diabetes best.
  2. We believe that the master technicians of T1D management are those who tend to it 24/7.
  3. We believe that people with T1D are strong, resourceful, and resilient.
  4. We believe the details matter.
  5. We believe there is more to life than balancing blood glucose levels.


The DugalHealth team has years of experience with T1D management, nutrition, business, and data analytics.  Founded by Michael Fox, a Registered Dietitian and type 1 diabetic for 29 years, DugalHealth is integrating our expertise with the DugalDiabetes application.  DugalHealth has created partnerships with leading research institutions, key diabetic professionals, and people living with T1D.  In December, 2016, DugalDiabetes was awarded 1st place in the Mobileys mobile application competition.


"Conceptually, DugalDiabetes represents a truly unique and significantly more comprehensive approach to insulin dosing optimization. It has the potential to greatly reduce blood sugar variability which translates to fewer complications of diabetes and vastly improved quality of life for many patients with diabetes. It also represents a wonderful complement to new insulin pump technology, which has “learning” software to improve overnight blood sugar but is still far from being able to do the same for blood sugar fluctuation related to meals.

I hope to offer my patients DugalDiabetes through clinical trials as soon as available, because I believe strongly that it has the potential to dramatically advance diabetes care, not only in type 1 diabetes but for all patients using insulin."

- Michael Vlases MD, FACP, CMIO

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